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Smart shoes this season

Sandy Smith

16 May 2022

Putting the spikeless shoes back in the cupboard is not usually a lot of fun. That is, of course, unless you’re swapping them out for a brand-new pair of spiked shoes. But where do you start when looking for this new pair?

Under Armour Charged Draw RST golf shoes
Under Armour Charged Draw RST golf shoes

You might be all about looks, in which case a darker colourway is always a good bet in the winter months. On the other hand, you might be more focused on the performance element; grip and comfort as you’re walking or swinging the club.

Whichever one is your priority, Under Armour has you covered. The Charged Draw RST shoes have a sleek, sporty style but also boast premium microfibre leather uppers to ensure they look great with both modern and traditional outfits.

Really, really lightweight. Really, really comfortable. A really good all-round golf shoe.

Joel Tadman | Foremost TV

When it comes to performance, the UA Rotational Resistance 2.0 spikes give you unmatched grip and traction on all turf conditions, so you can keep playing your best golf even when the ground is wet. You’ll also feel fantastic as you walk the course, thanks to Charged Cushioning responding to your every step and fighting that back-nine fatigue. Oh, and the Never-Wet waterproof protection certainly doesn’t hurt!

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We love these shoes, but that’s really no surprise given Under Armour’s knack for making footwear that look and feel great. In fact, there’s an entire range of fantastic Under Armour golf shoes this year!

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