Course Update

Cold dry spring weather after a proper winter

Sandy Smith

22 April 2021

So the cold dry spring weather looks like it`s going to continue into at least next week and possibly beyond. Great news for playing golf but not quite so good news for the golf course. The cold dry spring has certainly not helped with getting the golf course and especially the newly turfed areas to where we want them to be. This after the course was sitting under snow and ice for the best part of two months in January and February has really given us the worst possible conditions to prepare the course for the new season.

Whilst we are all desperate for great course conditions to play our golf in, there really does need to be a degree of patience shown this season in the early part especially. Not easy I know when that three-foot putt slides past after taking a slight bobble or the greens are not as quick as we would like them to be, however, please bear with us as the greens team get the course up to speed as quickly as possible.

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