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Surprising shoe stats!

Sandy Smith

01 November 2021

We discovered, thanks to a recent survey, that many golfers don’t wear spikes during the winter months. Spikeless shoes can, of course, be fantastic, but nothing quite matches up to the grip and stability of high-performance golf spikes.

30% of golfers don't own spiked golf shoes!

These things matter! They really do. Yeah, yeah, those shiny new irons look lovely, but if you want to be the best golfer that you can be then slipping and sliding around when you’re trying to pure those iron shots won’t help.

Skechers Torque Twist golf shoes
Skechers Torque Twist golf shoes

Skechers, on the other hand, will help. Its Torque Twist golf shoes make sure of that, offering uncompromising grip on all turf thanks to a brilliant Softspikes Stealth PIN system on the sole.

Softspikes Stealth PIN system
Softspikes Stealth PIN system

Add in H2GO waterproof protection and you’re prepared for winter, while the smart-sporty style means you’re guaranteed to look the part in any weather. That sounds like the full package to us!

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