The putting formula

Sandy Smith

08 August 2022

Before they hit any putt, you’ll see every Tour player in the world reading the green. They’re trying to work out their line by reading slopes and undulations, as well as figuring out the pace of the putt. It's the combination of these two things that need to be married up perfectly if you want any chance of finding the bottom of the cup. Easy enough, right?

Ok, not easy, but there are ways to make it easier. The most effective way can be found in PING’s 2021 putters or, more specifically, in the face. Or, even more specifically, in the dual-durometer face insert, which has a soft Pebax front layer and firm back layer, helping you get the ball rolling true to your line with precision & control for both short & long distance putts.

It's important to remember that we can't impact the putt once the ball's left the putter face. After that point, it's down to the golfing gods as to whether bobbles and bounces deviate your ball from its line, turning a good read and good putt into a miss.

VIDEO | PING 2021 Putters Review

So, what’s the take-away? PING's cutting-edge putters gets you closer to Tour-level putting than you ever thought imaginable thanks to improving the aspects we can control - our stroke and how the ball starts its journey towards the hole.

Oh, and if you need some guidance when it comes to reading the greens, we're here to help!

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