The secret of great putting

Sandy Smith

16 May 2022

VIDEO | TaylorMade Spider Putters Review

So, you’re standing over your ball with a flatstick in hand and you know you’re going to need to give it a bit of welly. How confident are you? If you aren’t sure about your line or your pace then you may well find yourself staring at a lengthy second or – dare I say – third putt.

My long-range putting really, really improved with this putter.

Joel Tadman | Foremost TV

A lot of that confidence comes from feel – do you prefer it to be firm or soft off the face at impact? You’ll also find a big boost in consistency; knowing exactly how the ball is going to roll after you hit it so that you can trust your stroke from any distance.

We’ll be happy to help you putt with control and confidence through our coaching, but a helping hand from our friends at TaylorMade certainly won’t hurt matters. TaylorMade’s Spider EX putters implement a Pure Roll insert to encourage top spin and get you rolling perfectly. The Fluted Feel shaft also adds stability and forgiveness for consistency that makes so much difference.

Between our professional guidance and TaylorMade’s industry-leading innovation, we can help you drain more putts and love the look of your scorecard.

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